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The George Faile Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation established initially to provide financial support for the Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu, Ghana, but the goal is to provide for similar institutions in third world countries across the globe.

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Baptist Medical Centre plays an important role in meeting the medical and spiritual needs of Northern Ghana.  The people there continue to live in small villages supported by subsistence farming.  By providing quality medical care to this low income group, Baptist Medical Centre is a living example of the caring and compassion exemplified by Jesus Christ.  To continue, the hospital needs support beyond what is available locally and through its parent organization, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Join us as we help continue this mission that has been instrumental in leading thousands to Christ!

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Our goal is to collect funds needed to support the hospital. However, we're also interested in people donating supplies, time, expertise, and even themselves! Won't you help?

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The Foundation initially started in the Rome, Georgia area, although this web site hopes to reach concerned and generous people across the world.

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With your help, the George Faile Foundation can provided much needed medical and Christian missions to third world countries around the globe. Our current focus is BMC in Ghana.

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The Foundation's History

In June and July, 1997, Drs. Paul Shumpert and Willie Ree Howell served as volunteer physicians at Baptist Medical Centre, Nalerigu, Ghana, West Africa. While there, they became more aware of the extreme needs, both medical and financial, of the area, and the vital part that the hospital serves in meeting those needs. They also became aware that, though support from its founding 40 years ago by foreign mission funds of the Southern Baptists, the hospital's operating funds were being decreased each year with the goal being supported by fees for service and the African government. This goal appeared infeasible to the doctors. Out of concern for the ongoing support of the hospital and its much needed services grew the idea for the efforts to establish a foundation for long-term financial aid to this and/or similar institutions.

In February, 1998, Dr. Vince Waite, a physician missionary from Ghana who was in the United States on leave, spoke by invitation to a local medical group to inform them of conditions and needs back in Nalerigu. Through this activity, others with similar interests joined the efforts to establish the foundation.

During the summer of 1998, Drs. Shumpert and Howell gave presentations at surrounding religious and medical organizations informing them of the plans and compiled a list of interested participants in anticipation of The George Faile Foundation.

In December, 1998, The George Faile Foundation, Inc. became a legal entity.

In March, 1999, application was made for tax exempt status which was approved two months later.

Drs. Shumpert and Howell met several times during the summer to discuss various aspects of the plan. In September, 1999, Dr. George Faile III met with Drs. Shumpert and Howell to give an updated report on the situation and needs in Nalerigu and from there the foundation began to function.

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